At Digital Parameter, we’ve spent a quite a lot of time pulling websites to pieces, meditating on what makes a great web experience for the user, and what makes a well-designed and well developed website. 

Here are the 3 key points we hang our hat web development hat on

We undertake custom web development for each project we service with your current needs as well as your future business plans in mind. By choosing to build your website with us, you are also choosing a site built on a foundation of scalable, usable and adaptable technology.

Digital Parameter sites are planned out properly right from the beginning. Features you will always use are built with your future goals in mind. That way, we minimize the amount of separate coders and bits of code that commonly ‘break’ and cause problems in other CMS based websites.
Unlike other content management systems, the websites we create are not driven by a standard baseline and hundreds of different kinds of widgets all influencing your website’s performance. Nor will your customers feel like they have exited your site and fallen down the digital rabbit hole when choosing to click on any new pages or functionality. With our web development and design techniques, your user experience remains hassle free and seamless, no matter the addition. 

So say goodbye to slow loading times, weird little code breaks, sudden losses of functionality and unexplained crashes - and say hello to a future proof site that is built to last.

Ever wondered why some of the change requests you put through to your web developer feel as though you’ve asked them to scale a mountain, find a purple chipmunk and bring it back wearing an authentic Mexican sombrero? Well, it’s usually because their code is about as tidy and ordered as a teenage bedroom. 

The shape of your code and how many coders have been stirring the pot will often directly affect your web developer’s ability to update and service your website. And it can dramatically impact your own in-house user experience by making your site hard to maintain, difficult to navigate and a confusing maze of seemingly cobbled together features.
At Digital Parameter, we have a long standing team who prides itself on tidy code and efficient responses to our customers. What’s under the hood of your website should be as useful, easy on the eye and easy to use as the site your customers see. And by observing maintainability, we keep your waiting times short and our communication positive.     

So forget the angst-ridden responses, mumbled excuses and untidy no-go zones other websites can be and let us take the pain out of looking after your website.

While some of us may have wanted to be dragon slayers when we were little, we’re certainly not interested in making these childhood dreams your nightmarish reality. That’s why we focus on manageability.
In custom web development, manageability is the key to ensuring you don’t burn through time, money or web developers due to our work. We use best practices in our work and we follow (and exceed) industry guidelines in the work we create. 

Any changes you require for the lifecycle of your project can be done efficiently, without paying for our latest pewter swords, and without unleashing dragons on the new web guy. 
So your website remains portable and well managed to the point where you don’t have to worry about changing web agencies or who we change within ours.
What are you waiting for? Bring your web development dreams to reality now. 



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