Your customers and the search engines they use are hungry for fresh content. How do you keep up the demand for new information, promotions, ways to educate your customers and their love affair with blogs? By choosing the right content management system for your website!
At Digital Parameter, we build content management systems (CMS) with you and your employees in mind. We know choosing the right kind of content management system will make the difference between your new website being regularly updated and left to gather dust.
That’s why we work through a process of understanding the kinds of content management needs you have and anticipating the kinds of content you may need to accommodate in the future. Creating your content management system isn’t about what’s easy for us as we develop your website, it’s about what is going to be easiest for you after the website is launched. We put the content needs of your business and the experience of your staff when working on your content first. 

Here are the kinds of questions the Digital Parameter team considers when building your content management system:

  • What kinds of documents, in-house applications, and rich media and storage solutions need to be included?
  • How comfortable and acquainted with content management systems are the people who need to use it?
  • What kinds of special features does the content management system need to accommodate?
  • How will it handle a regularly updated blog in terms of volume?
  • What sort of support is required for SEO?
  • Do we need to accommodate future pages, plugins or other website features?
  • Does it play well with social media?

As with every Digital Parameter product built, our content management systems are tailored to your specific needs and with the needs of your customers in mind.

We’re specialists in content management systems. That’s why we prefer the best content management system for medium to large websites. We work with many of the other top CMS systems such as SharePoint, Kentico and WordPress.


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